The great Overwatch League


The Overwatch League (OWL) is a professional esports league that was launched by game developer Blizzard Entertainment in 2017. Now all bettors can make 1xBet online sports betting on instances from this great competition too.

It is the first major global esports league that features city-based teams and a regular season followed by playoffs, similar to traditional sports leagues.

The OWL is based on Blizzard’s popular multiplayer first-person shooter game, Overwatch, which has gained a massive following since its release in 2016. At 1xBet you can make online sports betting on other great esports franchises too. The game features a diverse cast of heroes with unique abilities and players compete in teams of six against each other to complete objectives and win matches.

How does this instance work

The OWL features dozens of teams that represent cities across the world. If you like other sports, you are also invited to try Indian basketball betting on the 1xBet website too. Some of these locations include:


  • Seoul;
  • London;
  • New York;
  • and Los Angeles.

Each team is owned and operated by a separate organization, often with ties to traditional sports teams or businesses. The league is split into two divisions, with teams competing against others in their division and occasionally crossing over to play teams from the other division. Bettors can try basketball betting on 1xBet India as well, which provides a unique set of opportunities for all punters.

The league’s regular season takes place over several months, with teams playing a set number of matches against other teams. The top teams from each division then advance to the playoffs, which culminate in a grand finals event where the champion is crowned.

An extremely popular competition

The OWL has quickly become one of the most popular esports leagues in the world. This event is also available at the website, where bettors can make their live wagers at any moment.

Millions of viewers tune in to watch matches online or in-person at arenas around the globe. The league has also attracted major sponsors and partnerships from some of the largest companies in the world.

The league’s players are some of the best in the world, and the OWL has helped to legitimize esports as a serious career path for many young people. OWL players can earn significant salaries, and the league has a robust infrastructure to support their careers, including training facilities and medical staff. The 1xBet platform features a complete esports section, which also allows its users to wager on lots of highly popular videogames.

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